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S.No. Particulars Transaction Fee
1 Domestic Credit Cards (Visa/Master) 1.20% + Taxes per txn.
2 Domestic Debit Cards (Visa/Master) 0.75% (txn < Rs.2000) + Taxes per txn
1.00% (txn > Rs.2000) + Taxes per txn
3 Net Banking for UBI Rs.10 + Taxes
4 Net Banking for HDFC, ICICI, AXIS & SBI Group Rs.18 + Taxes
4 Net Banking for Other Banks Rs.12 + Taxes

Offline Registration:
1. (Click Here) to Download the Registration Form and fill the same.
2. Attach a draft of Rs. 350 and the required documents alongwith, and send it to Gita Niketan Awasiya Vidyalaya, Salarpur Road, Kurukshetra by registered post.

Online Registration:
1. Fill the online Registration Form.
2. Upload the required documents.
3. Make online payments of Rs. 350 through the payment gateway.